Preps for SHTF

Welcome to my Preparedness site.   I’ve been a prepper in one degree or another since I first read “The Grey Nineties” by James Westley Rawles which a friend recommended to me.  At the time, (pre-Y2K) it was all online, and there was no book version.  I am an Eagle Scout, and the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” had been drilled into me as a kid.  It was therfore an awakening to how Un-prepared I really was.

Over a decade later, I had slacked on my prepps, and although I still had all of my gear, and all, I was no longer organized.  As an avid camper & backpacker I had spread much of my gear thoughout my camping equipment, and was no longer maintaining a bug out bag.  My old back was still packed, but had key elements removed over the years.

And then came Hurricane Irene.  A prepper at heart, the night before it was to hit, I began re-organizing all of my stuff, emptied my BOB, and started re-building it from scratch.  I had everything I needed in the house to survive for an extended period of time, but I was so disorganized that it took me more than 7hours that night to get ready in case I had to evacuate the house, or in case of loosing power and / or water for an extended period of time.

It was then that I realized how unprepared I once again was.  I ended up only loosing power for a little over 6 days, but it was a real eye opener.  Since then I’ve been getting everything back in order, and infact when a snow storm that took down the power for 3 days hit just 3 months later, I was far more ready.

How did I get ready?  All I did was to chunk up all the tasks that I needed to accomplish, and make sure that EVERY day I did something, be it a 10 minute task or hour task to move towards being more prepared.  So one day it may be loading up 100 .223 rounds, or filling water buckets, or creating a charging shelf so that I know all my batteries are ready to go in an emergency, and purchasing a little extra each time I went to the grocery store.  Over time, these small increments really add up, and make it a not so overwhelming task.

The purpose of this site will be to help share this with other preparedness minded people, and hopefully pass along some tips or recommendations from my areas of experience like backpacking.